About Us – DTS as we are more commonly known, started out in 2013 selling surveillance software and products has grown rapidly since.  DTS provide customers end use software for tablets, personal computers, mobile phones to track and monitor devices including overt and convert monitoring of users equipment.

We are resellers of leading brands such as mSpy, Hong Kong based firm Spyera, Flexispy and Easyspy –    some of which offer 10 day moneyback gurantees.

Our customers have come from all walks of life to include concerned parents wanting to monitor children or family members, spouses concerned about infidelity in their relationship and employers concerned about employers who may not be doing what they should be doing in company time or using company devices for uses they shouldn’t be using it for eg. watching pornography, social network chatting on eg. dating sites etc.

Since our inception, the software products for monitoring of both cell phones and computers has grown rapidly in both its breadth of product offerings and sophistication. The electronics market has expanded rapidly and so has social networking via websites and mobile phone applications.  Facebook, twitter, skype, wechat, whats app are some of the more popular systems that can be monitored by these software programs on both cell phones and computers.  We promote both paid versions of software’s on a subscription model or free spy phone apps on the market which are free apps to track cell phones where we can.

There are a lot of phones and devices on the market and many run different operating systems. DTS not only provide software for monitoring users of computers (PC/Windows operating systems) but tablet devices (both iOS, apple iPad and android tablet spy apps) and apps for monitoring and tracking cell phones i.e. Android, apple phone’s, Blackberry and the lesser used running system called Symbian.

We offer only the leading brands of spy apps and promote these products on a reseller, affiliate seller basis. We are not linked with the companies linked and listed here other than being resellers for the products they have developed and only earn a commission upon the sale of a product or deduction of commission should a customer ask for their money back.

We want to hear from you and your experiences as a customer dealing with these suppliers. We are welcome to complaints and negative feedback and if that be the case will remove those particular products from our website. We are in the business of providing quality products (as resellers) and want to hear the experiences of customers.

We promote an international range of software providers.  The various countries from which we source suppliers include: the US and Hong Kong. For Australian customers, location is not a problem as these cell phone applications work globally and are more dependent on internet rather than country of location.

In your research you will see that there are a lot of products that monitor and track cell phones for example on the market. Some of the “selling tactics” employed by affiliates could be described as somewhat unethical. Many websites don’t emphasise the need to comply with and familiarise yourself with local laws before using these cell phone applications as we do. Throughout Australia recording telephone calls, eavesdropping, recording conversations and tracking people via their electronic devices is illegal. This includes tracking employees. We have placed some more information about the legal aspects – here and we stress at this point we are not lawyers and cannot provide legal advise.  We recommend that you seek professional legal advice should you wish to install an application on a cell phone or computer to track and monitor employees and individuals.

What Can “Spying Apps” Be Used To Do?


  • Spy on a partner for infidelity checks.
  • Monitor rouge employees.
  • Track family members.
  • Monitor a teenager’s social media and “chatting” online (and on their phone or tablet).  Spy on Facebook, WhatsAPP, BBM, PIN, SKYPE, LINE, Viber, WeChat, Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, Snapchat and iMessage. Read all messages including the stickers, status, profiles, pictures, locations and emoticons.  Spyera is one such product that monitors these chat softwares.
  • Find a lost or stolen phone.
  • Obtain passwords using what are termed password grabbers. See here.


What Information Can You Get From These Apps?


There are many things these spy apps can do and arent just limited to the list below. You will need to review some of the articles that have been posted on our website to make a more detailed comparison of each of the apps mentioned including visiting each of the companies’ websites.

  1. Remotely monitor SMS text messages of the mobile phone or tablet, iPad device.
  2. Review copies of calling logs / history of the cell phone.
  3. Record remotely the emails from the telephone.
  4. Globally track position of the person holding the cell phone – GPS tracking and location of employees, friends, family, spouse and children.
  5. Eavesdrop on people to capture situations such as meetings, events, conversations etc and record what is happening in the surroundings, also known as ambient listening.
  6. The applications which we promote are for use with smartphone or tablet device and in some cases we have monitoring software for personal computers and Mac computers such as keystroke loggers  which record the keystrokes of people using the computers.
  7. Password logging – yes, obtain the passwords of the devices user.
  8. Be alerted if the person changed a sim card on the phone.
  9. Monitor a persons Facebook usage with companies like Truthspy.  This company has a download trial basis use of the software and you can follow the link to “Facebook Messenger Spy” on the company website.
    ……………… AND MUCH MUCH MORE!
Software For Computers Software For Cell Phones

In general, for most of the applications Installation and set-up is quick, easy and fast. You do need the handheld phone that is being monitored to install the applications onto.  You cannot setup the applications without getting a hold of the persons computer, mobile phone for at least 10 minutes in some cases to download the app using an internet connection.  Once downloaded, the app on the cell phone is generally undetectable.

Spy Apps for cell phones and computers are designed for both residential and home users as well as business users.  No matter if you are a personal or business user there is an application for your tablet or cell phone out there for you.  The mobile phone applications that are on this website are discreet and largely undetectable.

If you have any questions or issues with the providers whom we are promoting, please direct your questions to us in the first instance. Got a complaint about a service that you subscribed to?  Drop us an email using the form below and tell us and we will, if warranted stop promoting the product.